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Firefly Car Hire Guide to France

Car Hire France

To get the best out of your holiday in France, you should really hire a car. A hire car will enable you to get the most out of your holiday, as you won’t be stranded in one place or a slave to the train timetables!

Car Hire in France – Benefits

France is a large country with many things to see and do, from skiing at Val d’Isere, to wine-tasting in Bordeaux, lazing on the beach in St. Tropez or experiencing the film festival in Cannes. However, getting to these places will be easier if you hire a car.

Although France has some larger cities and towns, such as Paris and Lyon, it also areas with smaller resorts within a short distance of each other, such as Nice and Cannes, so hiring a car gives you the opportunity to base yourself in one location but explore nearby resorts as well. You can also use your hire car to visit some of the country’s picturesque towns and villages, like Cogolin and Grimaud in the south of France or Issegiac in the Bordeaux region.

If you hire a car in France, you can take a driving tour of the country. You might like to take a tour of the wine-making region of Bordeaux, or follow the Mimosa Trail in the south of France, which will take you to some of the most significant places in the region’s perfume-making industry.

Car Hire in France – Holiday Hotspots

There are many places to see in France, so to make it easier for you work out where you want to go, try to think about what you want out of the holiday. Do you want to go on a wine tasting trip? Then exploring the vineyards of the Bordeaux region may be for you.

Do you want to get out on the piste for a holiday on the ski slopes? If so, France has a lot to offer, with resorts in the Pyrénées, the Alps and the Massif Central mountain regions.
Is sport your thing? Try catching a match at AC Milan, or joining the Tifosi at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix.

Once you’ve decided what you want out of your holiday, you’ll find that it’s much easier to get around if you rent a car. You can base yourself in one place and then travel to wherever you want, whenever you want. To help you to plan your trip to France, we’ve produced guides to some of the country’s most popular destinations, together with details of some of the attractions that you can visit when you hire a car. Click on the links for more information: :

Car Hire in France – Hints and Tips Here are some hints and tips on driving a hire car in France:
  • The maximum speed limit is 130km/h (110km/h when wet)
  • Speed limits are rigorously enforced and radar traps are frequently used.
  • Anyone found to be travelling more than 25km/h above the speed limit can have their driving licence confiscated on the spot.
  • All speeding offences and some other traffic offences are subject to on the spot fines.
  • Urban speed limits begin at the town or city’s welcome sign. This is denoted by a white name panel with a red border. This limit will end when the name panel has a diagonal black bar through it.
  • Carry your driving licence, V5 vehicle registration document and motor insurance certificate whenever you are driving.
  • Drink driving laws are stricter than in Britain, so don’t drink alcohol if you’re planning to drive.
  • Children under 10 are not allowed in the front seat.

Firefly Car Rental in France
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